Program Objectives


  • Eye and eyelash anatomy and physiology
  • Common eye conditions relative to eyelash extension application
  • Proper assessment of a client’s eye health prior to eyelash extension application

Sanitation of Supplies and Cross-Contamination Prevention

  • Proper hand washing and sanitation of tools
  • Cross contamination prevention

Irritants, Allergens and Eye Conditions

  • Minimizing irritants and allergens
  • Overview of infectious diseases and disorders of the eyes that may impact eyelash extension application

Eyelash Extension Application Process and Procedure

  • Overview of each step in the application process; includes proper station setup, pickup, isolation, attachment, and removal

Design Competency

  • Steps for creating an oval eye frame and design using the X40® Curvature eyelash extensions
  • Overview of Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions variations: lengths, thicknesses, colours, and curvatures
  • Adjusting the area of emphasis and frame for different eye shapes

Client Consultation

  • A holistic approach to selecting and designing customized looks based on a client’s physical attributes and lifestyle
  • Proper documentation and client record keeping
  • Managing client expectations

Application and Retail Product Knowledge

  • Detailed overview of purpose, ingredients, features, and benefits

Eyelash Extension Application and Removal

  • Initial practice on mannequins followed by students applying lash extensions to each other, teaching them to custom design, based on various eye shapes and eyelash types.
  • Each application involves steps:
    – a. Client preparation for eyelash extension application
    – b. Proper client and Lash Stylist positioning and posture
    – c. Measurement of the client’s natural eyelashes for the correct selection of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures of eyelash extensions
    – d. Proper lower eyelash covering and gel patch placement
    – e. Proper application techniques, including:
    ———- i. Creating a proper frame and design
    ———- ii. Isolation
    ———- iii. Pickup
    ———- iv. Correct adhesive coating
    ———- v. Attachment
    ———- vi. Eyelash extension removal
    – f. Steps for conducting a relash
    – g. Documentation and record keeping
    – h. Troubleshooting common client concerns
    – i. Trainer and self-evaluation after each eyelash extension application

Retailing Eyelash Extension Compatible Cosmetics

  • Purpose, ingredients, features, and benefits
  • Retailing strategies through educating consumers on how to extend lash longevity utilizing the Xtreme Lashes Retail Guide:
    – Product knowledge and application instructions
    – Ingredient dictionary
    – Potential revenue

Professional Image and Salon Management

  • Strategies for managing a salon and creating a professional image, focusing on establishing the following areas:
    – Menu of services
    – Retail guidelines
    – Staff development
    – Marketing and promoting
    – Customer service and sales etiquette
    – Sales strategies

Evaluation, Support and Feedback

  • Individualized assistance throughout the training program
  • Continuous trainer evaluation and feedback to build confidence and increase skill level

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